We welcome all enrolment applications however due to our school being a state integrated special character school the Ministry of Education requires that a minimum of 95% of our students meet our ‘preference’ criteria.

Prospective families approach the school and usually meet with the principal to discuss the school and receive enrolment information:

  • Prospectus
  • DCSA statement of faith
  • Attendance dues information
  • Enrolment forms

Once an application is received by the school office it is checked for completeness and presented by the principal at the next Board of Trustees meeting for approval.

Providing there is room on the appropriate roll (preference or non-preference) a letter of acceptance is sent out along with the parent handbook, which contains useful information about school routines and expectations.

Approximately six weeks prior to a new entrant commencing, arrangements will be made for school visits (usually 3 half day visits). If a child is entering at a higher level visits will be arranged to meet individual needs.