Maximum Roll
The school’s roll will be managed within the maximum roll prescribed in the school’s integration agreement. The Board will make provision for likely population movements in the general area served by the school that occur during the school year or after the end of the pre-enrolment period.

Geographic Zone
The Liberton Christian School geographic or home zone is defined by the Dunedin City boundaries.

Each year the Board of Proprietors (BOP) will seek applications for enrolment by a date that will be published in a newspaper circulating in the Dunedin City area. The BOP will identify all preference students whose parents have applied to enrol them at Liberton Christian School in the following year, and pass the list on to the Board of Trustees (BOT).
The BOT will assess all applications for enrolment according to the principles outlined below.
The number of places available at each year level will be determined by the Principal at the time of enrolment.

Priority in Enrolment
Applications for enrolment will be processed in the following order of priority.
First priority will be given to preference students who live within the home zone as defined above. If the number of applications exceeds the number of places available at the school, the following order of priority will be adopted:

  • siblings of past or present students
  • children of former students
  • children or past or present members of the BOT, BOP, or staff
  • children transferring from schools of similar special character


Second priority will be given to preference applicants who live outside the home zone. Third priority will be given to non-preference applicants who live inside the home zone, up to the 5% maximum provided for in the school’s Integration Agreement. If the number of applicants within either the second or third priority exceeds the places available, then the relevant selection criteria outlined above will apply.

Waiting List
If the total number of applications is greater than the number of places available, unsuccessful applicants will have their names recorded on a waiting list, within their relevant priority category, ranked in order based on the priority list above. Students on the waiting list may be offered places at a later date if places become available. The waiting list will remain current until the BOP next notifies the public that it is inviting applications for the next enrolment intake.

Informing Parents
Parents will be informed about successful applications within a fortnight of the BOP preference assessment meeting.