When considering the issue of schooling, we believe that there are a number of very good reasons why a parent should give serious consideration to Christian schooling.

  1. The Bible is quite specific in Proverbs 1:7, that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge”. To try to teach in a spiritual vacuum is to miss the very cornerstone of knowledge and learning.
  2. State schools in New Zealand are restricted to providing a secular view of education. Instead of being taught to find their purpose in life in God, children are unable to be given any spiritual direction. By default, they then begin to seek meaning and purpose in other places, many of which ultimately lead to despair and separation from their creator.
  3. God has given the human race the task of developing and caring for His creation. Christian education should prepare our children for this task in a way that is consistent with such a worldview.
  4. As an important principle of life and learning, it is vital that the values taught in a Christian home be reinforced in the school. A Christian school makes this possible in a way that would not otherwise be able to be achieved.
  5. The Christian school has the great advantage in being able to use the Bible, have devotions and encourage prayer in a way that is difficult or even impossible in a State school. These important elements of life are more than just religious extras in the curriculum, rather they become the central and directing principle for the curriculum.
  6. The Christian school sees its role as one of assisting parents to prepare their children to serve God in His world. It is not a spiritual “hothouse” separate from the world, but rather a place where children can be equipped to become “salt” in an earth that is desperately in need of the Christian graces.
  7. The Christian school seeks to teach principles, attitudes, and ideals that are rooted in Christian values. In the course of learning the skills necessary for living, the school aims to train a pupil to view all academic disciplines from a
    Christ centred viewpoint. Thus the laws of physics become an expression of forces that God has put in place. History becomes the unfolding of God’s purposes for the human race whilst art becomes a means of expressing the character of God or the beauty of His creation.
  8. A truly Christian School will have students from a wide range of social and economic backgrounds. It is not elitist, but rather it provides a community-type
    environment where parents can help and support one another in a way befitting Christian belief.