1. Liberton Christian School is a non-denominational Full Primary School (Year 1 to Year 8) operated by Dunedin Christian Schools Association for the purpose of offering a comprehensive Christian primary education to families in the Christian and wider community in Dunedin.
  2. The Special Character of the school is determined by the Christian world and life view of Dunedin Christian Schools Association, as outlined in Articles III and IV of the Constitution of Dunedin Christian Schools Association, which as the Proprietor continues to have the right to determine from time to time what is necessary to preserve and safeguard that Special Character.
  3. The school reflects this by:
    • Affirming that a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ, together with an acceptance of the authority of the Bible forms the basis for a Christian view of life.
    • Fostering in students the development of concepts, abilities, and creativity that seek to proclaim the marvel and potential of God’s wonderful creation.
    • Nurturing in students a desire to faithfully develop their God-given gifts in the service of God and their neighbour.
    • Encouraging and developing in students the ability to make personal and communal decisions from a Christian perspective.
    • Accepting that the Special Character of the School is a visible expression of the Christian community and fostering this sense of community amongst families, teachers, and supporters of the school.