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Welcome to …

Liberton Christian School

About the School

Liberton Christian School is a non-denominational state-integrated full primary school for pupils in years 1–8. We are part of Dunedin’s wider Christian community, with the mission of providing a primary education that is distinctively Christian in character, of the highest quality and that equips children for life. We care about the spiritual, academic, cultural, social and physical development of our pupils.

We are committed to providing children at our school with:

  • Modern, stimulating, caring classroom environments.
  • Small, multilevel classes, taught by highly skilled staff.
  • A high-quality, well-balanced curriculum in which academic achievement is encouraged.
  • A supportive learning environment where individual pupils' gifts are recognised and developed.

Our intermediate pupils take an active role in leadership within our school, take part in a wonderful camp opportunity each year and participate in second-language modules. With our smaller class sizes, individual attention is available and a priority for each of our pupils

We provide an outstanding visual arts programme with a specialist teacher and have a school band and choir. ICT plays an integral role in enhancing learning opportunities and is a key component of learning across the school. We value active participation in interschool sporting competitions in addition to our own athletics sports day.

Our staff are committed to upholding the school's special character and we encourage a strong partnership between home and school. We want to see all the children who come to our school grow in Christian character and become positive contributors to society.

Our Educational Goals

  • To encourage children to honour God as the one who has made all things and as the one who deserves their lifelong service.
  • To help children develop the gifts and abilities entrusted to them.
  • To lay an educational foundation that will provide both a platform for future vocational achievement, and a framework for lifelong learning.
  • To foster within children a desire to learn about the world around them and to become wise stewards of its resources.
  • To help children to develop a genuine compassion and a deep concern for others.

Why a Christian School?

Education is never neutral but always reflects a particular view of life. Children are influenced by this view—whether it be new age, secular humanist, post-modernist, or Christian. By age 12, most children will have spent more than 8,000 hours in school.

The educational perspective presented during these hours will have a major effect on their lives. We seek to reinforce the moral, social, and spiritual values taught in the Christian home in a manner that is not possible in the State school system.

The personal disciplines and values that we seek to encourage and develop within a child are Biblical in their origins and are aimed at providing the child with a firm moral and ethical foundation for future life and learning.

The Christian school is not an insular community, but rather it seeks to help children to learn to live successfully within a world that often lacks a moral and spiritual foundation. It seeks to develop within children positive attitudes and good lifelong habits.

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